The name's Annakay
I'm 19
Queens Born & Brooklyn Raised
Jamaican Descent( First of my family to be born in the States)
I'm a mixture of Kpop Fandoms sooo yeah I just about like what I like.

I'm Just Another Weirdo and I accept that fact. I LOVE Kpop but I also LOVE Screamo, Rock and everything else in between. My blog mostly consists of re-blogged things and some of my own thoughts. Everything about this blog is pretty much random as I am.
I do have a second blog and it just there for me to speak my mind on things. Even tho I slightly more vocal on what I'm thinking on that blog, I speak my mind when I need to.


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It always seems like parents only ask you to do stuff

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kyungsoo - ‘it’s ok,it’s love’ - running away after being abused by his father 

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um this is infinite h’s best performance

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140726 Tao replying fans on Weibo!



Anti: One word, ugly.
Tao: Hahaha… Thanks dude. Slightly better than you, I should thank god for that, right?


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The #TIMEtitles Twitter response to Time Magazine’s in depth look at the term (“of endearment”), “bae” has me rollin’…


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How To Make Naturally Flavored Water

Supplies needed:

Fruit – Whatever kind you like (except bananas); make sure it’s good and ripe for maximum sweetness and flavor. Use all kinds of citrus and berries. Pineapple and watermelon work well for flavoring water. 

Herbs – These are optional, but many herbs are a surprising complement to fruit flavors; almost any herb will work depending on your personal preference

Jars or pitchers – Use 2 quart mason jars primarily, but any 2 quart pitcher will do. Fruit infusion pitcher is another option if you think you’ll be making infused waters regulary; a very easy, tidy way to strain fruit from water.

Muddler or wooden spoon for mashing fruit and herbs


Water – Use filtered water, but regular tap water is fine if it is hygienic.

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